Why Choose Coworth Flexlands

coworth flexlands is a happy school that inspires minds and nurtures spirit.  

At Coworth Flexlands, we have built a whole-school ethos around the foundations of wellbeing and happiness. Where happy children are inspired to learn and thrive. 

All parents want the best for their children.They want their children to be happy and to flourish. They want them to live out their dreams and reach their potential. At Coworth Flexlands, we provide a positive education environment with research-backed ways of increasing happiness and wellbeing. Happier children are healthier, learn better and display more emotional literacy. Emotional literacy is important for developing self-confidence, boosting self-esteem, social and emotional development, and encouraging emotional self-management. 

At Coworth Flexlands we focus on the 'whole' child - their intellectual, physical, social and emotional wellbeing needs, The whole child approach works on the basis that every child should be happy, healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged to grow in their educational environment. We promote a culture that ensures pupils are given time to develop their interests and learn the wider skills required of them in a safe and supportive environment, while still being academically engaged and challenged.

Coworth Flexlands is ideally located in acres of beautiful grounds on the Surrey/Berkshire borders with a forest school for outdoor learning and a wide range of facilities and opportunities. It is a happy school where pupils are inspired and nurtured. Happiness and positivity can make a huge difference to a child’s wellbeing and achievement. Our pupils move on well prepared with many gaining scholarships and securing their preferred future school destinations. Happiness gets results! 




 what makes coworth flexlands   a 'Happy' School




We have developed a culture of happiness, with strategies for well-being and support. Inspiring Minds and Nurturing Spirit is at the heart of the school's approach.

We encourage open communication between pupils, teachers and parents with assemblies and newsletters, as well as an open door policy.

We have created a positive environment, both physically and emotionally.

We have Poppy, our School Dog. Poppy is a hypoallergenic Cavapoo and is much loved by all pupils and brings happiness and wellbeing.

We have 'Inspiring Minds' and 'Nurturing Spirit' Weeks to celebrate all that makes Coworth Flexlands such a wonderful school environment. Our weeks are full of positivity, fun and engaging activities and inspiring. 

Our Forest School is an inspiring process, a specialised approach to outdoor learning that aims to develop confidence and self esteem through hands-on learning in woodland environments.

We celebrate achievements both in and out of school with weekly Celebration Assemblies. 

We inspire and develop aspiration through an investigative curriculum.

Outdoor Learning and Classrooms -  Learning outside is not only beneficial to students' wellbeing, but it's a great way to renew their enthusiasm for learning.

We give positive praise using growth mindset strategies. 

We encourage pupils to share ideas and creations in various school projects. Such as lunch menu ideas to buyng new playground equipment.

We encourage physical activity and mindfulness for healthy minds and bodies.  

We are committed to healthy eating in school and aim to educate our pupils by providing Interactive and engaging food workshops and celebrate food week.  

As an Eco-School, our Eco-Schools Programme is pupil-led, involving hands-on learning that gets the whole school and the wider community involved in exciting environmental projects. 

Our Social Committee are an important part of our school community. Our Social Committee bring together parents and children to organise and take part in a number of exciting events throughout the year. 

We encourage our pupils to spread kindness.

We are committed to having a strong community Involvement and spirit. 

We include parents, staff and pupils in decisions about the school, its goals and vision.

We give everyone a voice. Pupil Ambassador roles and responsibilies, parent voice and teacher voice. 

We show trust and allow pupils and staff to feel part of the school. 

We encourage confidence, resilience, positive relationships, support and development through interventions such as coaching, individual learning plans and training sessions for staff and pupils.


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