an independent preparatory school for girls 2½-11 & mixed 2½-7 years

Years 3 to 6

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Our curriculum is designed specifically to extend and enrich learning at all levels, and to prepare our pupils for entrance into the top senior schools at aged eleven.

The teaching philosophy of fun, variety and stimulation in a nurturing, learning environment is continued from Pre-Prep  to Prep with a broadened academic curriculum to include chemistry, physics, biology, spatial, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and spanish. Competitive sports and a wider range of clubs are added to offer the opportunity to explore subjects and sports in greater depth.

Classes are split into smaller tutorial groups, (of around 8 - 10 pupils) for core academic subjects, with the girls moving between classrooms in readiness for increased independence.  These smaller teaching groups improve pupil attainment by providing the freedom to ask questions and discuss problems. Pastoral care is enhanced as staff have more time to sit and listen and to get to know each child's strengths and weaknesses.

We also recognise when big is beautiful, for example exchanging ideas, group discussions, social development, drama and sport. The strong can lead, train and nurture. Healthy competition among peers can also provide a challenge some children need.  Our small academic groups are therefore taught simultaneously allowing pupils to come together for activities when a larger group dynamic is beneficial.

Our highly qualified team in Learning Support work closely with teachers to identify and support any specific difficulties in maintaining standards required to keep up with the curriculum. Individual advice and support of every child is a success story. The pastoral care of each pupil is extremely important and every child has a form teacher whom they see at the beginning and end of every day, to provide support and continuity throughout the school year.

Competitive sports, inter-house and inter-school challenges teach the girls the importance of teamwork and how to win and lose. External music and drama festivals, art and writing competitions encourage them to use every opportunity to explore their individual talents and skills.

The girls are given increasing levels of responsibility and by the time they reach their last few years we know exactly where their key interests and strengths lie allowing us to give each a special role in their final year. These roles build self-esteem and many confidently take on leadership roles as soon as they move onto their senior schools.

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Our steady but structured approach to teaching, coupled with specialist teachers working with the pupils from Nursery upwards and a firm focus on the individual, means that all our girls gain entry to the senior school of their choice - many with a scholarship or award.  By this stage, all the girls have experienced a truly well-rounded education, providing an excellent foundation for success throughout life.